The Carbon Peel – A new era for your skin

As spring transitions into summer, we find ourselves spending more time outdoors, basking in the sun’s warmth. While this is wonderful for our social and emotional well-being, it also exposes our skin to higher levels of UV radiation. At Dr PJ Aesthetic Clinic, we want to encourage you to embrace the joys of this season and prioritise the health of your skin by preventing sun damage and reducing the risk of premature ageing. This June, treat yourself to skin that’s fit for royalty with our Carbon Peel, ensuring its radiance lasts throughout the summer and beyond. What is the Carbon Peel? The Carbon Peel, unlike many other chemical peel treatments, utilises a carbon solution and laser to create a peeling effect that resurfaces the skin’s superficial layers. How does it work? The carbon peel consists of two stages. Firstly, the carbon solution is applied to the skin, allowing it to dry for approximately 2 minutes. Then, the Q-Switch Nd: YAG laser is applied. This high-powered laser, suitable for various settings, begins by heating the carbon solution on a low setting, causing it to bond with the outermost layer of skin (epidermis). As the heat reaches the middle layer (sub-dermis), it stimulates the fibrous tissue, encouraging the production of new collagen. By progressing to a higher-energy setting, the laser fragments the carbon solution for removal using a unique evaporating applicator attached to the device. This process effectively eliminates dirt, oil, and debris, resulting in cleaner skin and clearer pores. To complete the treatment, we often apply a moisturiser and sunscreen. What are the benefits? The carbon peel offers deep exfoliation and boosts collagen levels, addressing common concerns such as open pores, acne, scarring, pigmentation (age spots), sun damage, blocked pores, and fine lines. Individuals with sensitive skin may find this peel more suitable than other types of peeling, as it typically causes less irritation and facial redness. Following the treatment, your skin will appear brighter immediately, with full results developing in 1-2 weeks, revealing a clearer complexion with softer lines. By removing excess oil and unclogging pores, this treatment effectively regulates acne breakouts and reduces their severity. Regular visits to our clinic every 3-4 months are recommended to maintain clear and glowing skin. Carbon peel versus chemical peel, which is best? When comparing a carbon peel to a chemical peel, both methods rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin. However, chemical peels utilise AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) to alter the skin’s pH levels and induce a ‘chemical reaction,’ loosening the glue-like cells between dead skin cells and healthy new ones. On the other hand, laser peels achieve a similar result through light waves that transform into heat energy upon interacting with the skin and tissues. The carbon laser peel is often recommended as a gentler alternative to chemical peels, as the side effects are less severe and subside quickly. This makes it particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin, large pores, a tendency for acne, or known skin conditions like eczema. To determine which facial peel best suits you, we encourage booking a consultation with one of our trained practitioners, who will conduct an in-depth skin assessment and review your medical history. For more information about the carbon peel, click here  https://drpjaestheticclinic.com/treatments/carbon-peel-q-switch-laser/  


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