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So far, this winter has proved to be one of our colder winters, and we’ve all kept ourselves wrapped up warm. However, we’ll be peeling off the layers too soon as winter turns to spring and the temperatures start to cool off. With this climate change, our thoughts often turn to the upcoming summer and taking a well-deserved break in the sun. Whatever we’re wearing, we all want to look good, especially when sipping cocktails around the pool. Therefore, if your goal is to possess a more desirable beach body this summer, come and visit Dr PJ Aesthetic Clinic in London.

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Dr PJ’s clinic has a range of body contouring procedures available, and this month we want to bring EMS Sculpture to your attention. This treatment is very popular with patients and practitioners as it works very differently from other body contouring procedures on the aesthetics market. Few treatments can help to reduce fat in the body at the same time as building muscle. Therefore, it can both slim and tone their appearance – which many people use the gym or do regular aerobic exercise to achieve.

EMS Sculpture uses technological advances to provide the body with an intense workout, much more intense than it’s able to undergo on its own (no matter how to fit the person or how much effort is applied). With an applicator attached to a chosen area of the body, HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic) energy is delivered to the muscles. This stimulates contractions at a rate of 20,000 in 30 minutes. This may sound exhausting, but to the patient, it is effortless and causes little muscle fatigue – the ideal workout!

EMS Sculpture safely and effectively energises the body, burns off stubborn fat and increases the metabolism. It can be used to target areas such as the stomach, thighs and buttocks, which are commonly worked on at the gym and are often affected by excess fat in the body.  

We realise that summer seems a little way off yet, but there’s a reason we’re talking about it now. A course of around 8 treatment sessions is usually required to reach the desired goal. As the muscles will naturally tear and repair to build up, performing the treatment once a week will allow the repair process to take place effectively before the next session. Many patients are so pleased with the results of EMS Sculpture that they continue maintaining their physique with regular treatments that work alongside their usual healthy and active lifestyle. So to look great by spring and even better by summer, contact Dr PJ Aesthetic Clinic and book a consultation today.


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